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Consider carpooling!

We all agree with the saying, "the more, the merrier", so the same applies for travelling by car because "the more in a car, the less you'll pollute"! Whether you live in the local area or you are coming to the destination for a holiday, consider this practical, economical means of getting around, which just also happens to be good for the planet. Consider carsharing!

Find your carsharing partner… 

To get to the destination or to get around the area once you've arrived, here are some of our suggestions to help you plan your trips.

To get around the Saint-Lô destination...

Find out more about ' SLAM COVOITURAGE'

After SLAM Bus, the urban transport network, and SLAM Demand Responsive Transport, Saint-Lô Agglo has now launched SLAM Carsharing with the Karos app, to encourage travelling around the local area and to offer an alternative for getting to and from work, or from your accommodation to the various events in the area.

There are carsharing parking areas dotted all over the destination...

Here you'll find all the carsharing parking areas in the Saint-Lô destination. They are practical and adapted to this new means of transport.