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Towards sustainable tourism !!!

Sustainable development

For the Tourist and Cultural Office of Saint-Lô Agglo, sustainable tourism development not only represents a goal but also one of our major commitments.

Together for more responsible holidays


When family vacations rhyme with ecology !
Become the actor of your holidays !!!

The best practices to adopt...

Let's start with 'Good news,' staying in the Manche region is already a first step! Indeed, far from crowded seaside resorts, impersonal hotel chains, and infrastructure that alters the landscape... the choice to spend your vacation in our destination is already a significant first step.

A central location that allows you to explore the department, discover Mont-Saint-Michel, the D-Day beaches, the Cotentin and Bessin marshes, the countryside... You don't need to take the main road to get there; instead, you can take the scenic routes and discover incredible treasures along the way.

Discover the flavors 'Made in Normandy' !

Exploring a destination also involves your taste buds! Add flavor to your holidays by trying local specialties and stocking up on delicious memories that you can share upon your return. At our restaurants, markets, with our local producers... discover the culinary treasures of the region while supporting the local economy!

Keep in mind that local craftsmanship also welcomes you during your stay!

Forget (as much as possible) your car!

No need for a car to reach our destination and explore the area! Trains, buses, carpooling... there are numerous options to come and stay, not only in our region, but also in the Manche department and perhaps even in Normandy. You can also choose a hiking-focused stay by traversing the territory from north to south along our long-distance hiking trail or exploring dedicated circuits.

Please note that during these excursions, it's important to follow the trails to protect fragile areas, avoid disturbing wildlife, refrain from picking plants, and leave no trace of your presence.

Pack only one routine in your luggage!

Holidays are known for breaking routines... But if you have to keep one habit during your vacation, it's sorting your waste as prescribed in the destination! Keep in mind that the best waste is the one that is not produced. So, don't hesitate during your stay to prioritize a reusable water bottle for your outings, airtight containers for your picnics, a basket or tote bag for your shopping or at the market...

A zero-waste outing is a small step for the vacationer but a significant one for the destination!

A policy in favor of sustainable development

Our commitments

We have committed to a process aimed at reducing our environmental impact through simple actions and eco-friendly behaviors.

  • Our communication materials are available in digital format.
  • We make an effort to implement a consistent and responsible management of our brochures and work with printers adhering to the Imprim'Vert standards.
  • Our entire team embraces eco-friendly behaviors in their daily lives, prioritizing recycling and minimizing the use of paper.
  • Our travel advisors educate visitors on eco-friendly practices during nature outings.
  • Carpooling is the preferred mode of transport for our professional travels and is promoted to our visitors whenever possible for event attendance.
  • We support the local economy by promoting short supply chains in our shop and in the advice we provide to visitors, and by highlighting local producers and artisans.
  • We offer our visitors the opportunity to explore our destination in an environmentally friendly way through the low-cost rental of electric-assist bicycles.

To learn more about recycling and waste management in the destination, don't hesitate to visit the dedicated page by clicking on the following link :

We will not fail to make updates to keep you informed about our actions, ideas, and other news serving this goal.