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Second World War

Exploring the Landing Beaches...

In Normandy in June 1944, a large-scale military operation took place. This was the biggest operation in history and it would go on to change the course of history. Today, people still come to the Landing Beaches and the iconic sites of the Second World War, to pay tribute to the heroes who came to help us regain our freedom...

A destination at the heart of the Battle of Normandy!

When we think of the Battle of Normandy, we almost immediately then think of the various cemeteries devoted to the allied troops and the remnants of the past on the Landing Beaches (Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword and the Pointe du Hoc). We also think of the American parachuting regiment in the town of Sainte-Mère-Église and throughout the Cotentin and Bessin marshland, then about the War of the Hedgerows that was fought in our wooded countryside, about the towns and villages destroyed by both enemy and allied bombing... But above all, we think of the courage of these men who came from the United States, from Canada and England, who came to fight oppression and fight for freedom, to the French soldiers who helped one of the biggest military operations in the world, the Normandy Landings, take place, thanks to the resistance and the transmission of messages... These men must not be forgotten, and so we walk in their footsteps, to learn about everything that happened back then in our destination and the surrounding area, right at the heart of the Battle of Normandy.

In the footsteps of the heroes...

The Saint-Lô destination is one of the main places to visit in learning about the Battle of Normandy and the Second World War in general. Find out about the history and destruction of the town of Saint-Lô, Operation Cobra, the American breakthrough and 'carpet-bombing' strategy, at the many memorials, monuments, ruins and other remnants of the past dotted around the area.

Read more about the Battle of Normandy in the Saint-Lô destination on the page: 'Saint-Lô, the battle of 1944'.

The geographic location of our destination also means that you can reach some of the key places from this war in less than an hour, for a day trip to learn about the liberation of France and Europe at the famous Landing Beaches for example.


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