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Whatever happens, the traces left behind by mankind will always be eventually covered up as nature takes its course, but we should never forget what happened on our soil in the summer of 1944.

Vestiges of the past… 

The Saint-Lô destination was at the heart of the Battle of Normandy! 

The Battle of Normandy, the landings along the coast of La Manche and Calvados, and the other various battles that were fought in our countryside all paved the way for the allied forces and the resistance fighters to write a new chapter in the history of humanity, one that united us all in the fight for freedom.

There are memorials and monuments dotted all over the area, to pay tribute to these events. We recommend coming to explore them and walk in the footsteps of the past.

The Pont Bailey in Pont-Farcy (Tessy-Bocage) 

Come and see for yourself the Pont-Bailey in Tessy-Bocage (Pont-Farcy) surrounded by nature. Some people believe this bridge to be revoluntionary and everyone agrees it is a wonderful example of military engineering. What makes this bridge particularly unique is that it was prefabricated, it is portable and was sturdy enough to hold the weight of tanks. This is a historic vestige that was used during the Second World War to quickly replace any bridges destroyed by the enemy in an effort to slow down the progress of allied forces.

Monument of shooting victims in Beaucoudray

This monument in a landscaped park in Beaucoudray was built at the exact spot where 11 members of the French Resistance belonging to the Manche section were shot dead on 15 June 1944.

Graignes Memorial

This is actually a part of the ruins of an ancient church that was transformed into a memorial, to pay tribute to the battles between German and American forces, and also as a tribute to the civilians and members of the clergy who lost their lives.

German war graves in Marigny 

In a peaceful haven of greenery, the German graveyard features five tombstones in a row, bordered by embankments. There are clusters of crosses scattered about the area and you'll see various ceramic plaques with the name, rank and dates of birth and death of the soldiers buried here.

Find out more on the page > German War Graves.

Saint-Clair-sur-L’Elle memorial stone

This memorial stone is a tribute to the US 29th Infantry Division, built to mark the 50th anniversary of the Normandy landings, as a token of gratitude from the local people to the allied soldiers.

Orientation table in Saint-Georges d’Elle 

You'll find an orientation table on the side of the road up on Martinville ridge. This place was known by the Americans under the code name 'Hill 192' and it witnessed a fierce and decisive battle in capturing the town of Saint-Lô

Saint-Jean-de-Savigny memorial

This wall of remembrance features individual plaques that pay tribute to the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers from the US 29th Infantry Division, led by Brigadier General Charles Gerhardt.

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