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Saint-Lô 1944 – Photos from the archives

To forget the lessons learned from the past would not only be a betrayal to the past and a rejection of the sacrifice our soldiers made, it would also have a serious effect on our future

Pastor Aimé Bonifas, Resistance fighter.

Keeping the memory alive in the Saint-Lô destination – photos

Here are some photos that are evidence of this harrowing past, and also of the fact that our territory was able to bounce back and rebuild for the future, thanks to their courage, hope and perseverance.

Keeping the memory alive in the Saint-Lô destination – video 

Go back in time to see the town of Saint-Lô the day after we won the fight for freedom thanks to this film archive in colour, showcasing the extent of the damage caused when the allied troops captured the town of Saint-Lô.

Besides offering visitors this priceless treasure of remembrance, the video shows the stark contrast between what happened back then, the fierce fighting and how we can imagine the locals had to flee the area, and then the unnerving calm that followed in July 1944.

Saint-Lô - the Capital of the Ruins in 1944 (in color and HD)