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#saintlodestination, a holiday between the land and sea!

The wooded countryside, marshland and forests of the Saint-Lô destination are all brimming with natural treasures to admire as you explore the area while you're staying here. Even though there are no actual beaches in the Saint-Lô destination, except for the 'Plage Verte' area of greenery, the department of La Manche is a peninsula and so is surrounded by the sea with plenty of long beaches to enjoy.

Close to the sea but without your feet actually in the water! 

Our destination is in the ideal location to come and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of La Manche and Calvados. 

The west coast of La Manche is lined with seaside resorts, towns with a family-friendly vibe, and sandy beaches to enjoy. In the north there are beaches and the wild coast, and the east boasts yet more beaches, typical villages (Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue was named one of the most beautiful villages in France in 2019) and places of remembrance, including one of the most iconic of the landing beaches: the unmissable Utah Beach.  

For those looking to relax! 

You will love our long stretches of beaches where you can get the peace-and-quiet you've been looking for. Lying on your towel basking in the sun of Normandy or paddling in the water, you'll see that there's plenty of space for everyone on our beaches, and you'll be able to simply embrace the laid-back atmosphere (it takes no effort to hear and to enjoy the gentle sound of the waves lapping up onto the shore). 

For fans of sports and water-based activities, the waters of the Channel are ideal! 

For an action-packed holiday, come and enjoy the saltwater pools, surf spots, sand yachting, paddleboarding, kayaking and so much more on our beaches.

Our beaches are brimming with edible delights, don't hesitate to check the tide schedules and go seafood harvesting on foot.